Installing bcrypt on Windows

bcrypt requires both python > 2.6 < 3.0 and the Microsoft C++ build tools.

If Python 3+ is in your path you will need to specifcy the path to python 2

npm config set python C:\Python27\python.exe

For the Microsoft C++ build tools you will have to install Visual Studio Express. If you have Visual Studio Express 2010 installed you should be able to install bcrypt with npm fine, however if you have a later version or download the current (2013) than you need to specify the version in the npm install command.

Windows 7 as a Wireless HotSpot

Ever wanted to share a wired network connection -- LAN or perhaps a DSL connection -- with your phone or tablet, but don't have a wireless router to stick in between? 

It turns out that this is actually really easy to do under Windows 7.  Most newer PCs/Laptops with built in WiFi addapters will have a compatable chipset, and I say newer with quite a bit of give.  It works fine on my 3 year old hp laptop.  You don't even need to install any third party software!


If you are new to Ubuntu, or even if you have been using it for awhile and are just looking at your running processes for the first time, you've probably just noticed something called Whoopsie.

What is this Whoopsie thing, sitting there, eating system resources?