New Comments

As I mentioned in my post "Reboot" I've had several websites and blogs over the years, and with that has come almost every flavor of comment module you can think of.  From the platform "stock" comment modules, such as Blogger, Wordpress, and Drupal, and social media plugins like Facebook and Google+.

In most cases the "stock" comment modules are fine, if you have a tight nit community in your site or have turned on OpenID.  If you want to provide free advertisements for male enhancement products or diet pills, on behalf of comment spammers then OpenID is surely the way to go.  It -- in my experience -- quickly becomes difficult to manage and fraught with issues.

Enter Facebook comments.  I will give Facebook credit where this is concerned, it plugged in nicely to my site and gave decent moderator controls, let readers log in with either their Facebook or Yahoo id, and was overall clean. However, it only seemed to draw in comments from my Facebook friends, which is all well and good but Id rather a larger distribution and there was some concern as to who could see the comments, as people would comment in a post on Facebook not knowing that their comment was made public on a website. And, well, I prefer Google+ for more public social activity on the web.

Google+ doesn't have an official comments system for websites, but there are a few ways of doing it. I really liked the way it looked, but there were no moderation controls and it had some issues loading from time to time. So, oh well, there goes my favorite social option.

So why Disqus? Quite simply, it has everything I could want. Filters, moderation, discovery, sharing, etc. and professionally developed plugins for basically every platform you can think of. Oh and it looks good too.  I've only just enabled it, so there are no comments yet, but I am quite anxious to see it in action.

Ill update this post again once I've had sufficient comments to test it thoroughly. 

Note: if you are using the Avast! browser plugin, you may need to enable Disqus to view the comment section.

------ UPDATE -----

Okay, it's only been a few days but I'm calling it.  Disqus is excellent, Im completely in love with how well it integrates with my site and all the the functionality it provides.  When I installed it, I didn't realize that it allowed logins from Facebook, Twitter, and Google to post comments(I certainly hope they add more i.e. reddit), nor did I realize that it would suggest links to other topics with comments. Not to mention, the ability to moderate and reply to comments via email.

It's just great.  Let me know what you think in a comment below!