If you are new to Ubuntu, or even if you have been using it for awhile and are just looking at your running processes for the first time, you've probably just noticed something called Whoopsie.

What is this Whoopsie thing, sitting there, eating system resources?

It is the "Ubuntu Error Reporting Daemon." It is installed in both the Desktop and Server versions of Ubuntu.  When Whoopsie detects a crash it does two things.

  1. Runs Apport to generate a crash report.
  2. Sends the report to Canonical.  Don't worry, it doesn't do this without your permission.

If you don't want Whoopsie running, you can easily disable it by editing:

change report_crashes to false
stop the service with sudo service whoopsie stop
If your on the Desktop version you can also turn this off through settings:
Settings -> Privacy -> Diagnostics
Uncheck "Send error reports to Canonical"