Windows 7 as a Wireless HotSpot

Ever wanted to share a wired network connection -- LAN or perhaps a DSL connection -- with your phone or tablet, but don't have a wireless router to stick in between? 

It turns out that this is actually really easy to do under Windows 7.  Most newer PCs/Laptops with built in WiFi addapters will have a compatable chipset, and I say newer with quite a bit of give.  It works fine on my 3 year old hp laptop.  You don't even need to install any third party software!

  1. Click: Start
  2. Type: cmd
  3. Right-click: cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator."
  4. Type: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=alow ssid=NameToBeDisplayed key=PasswordToAccessThisNetwork
    Replace NameToBeDisplayed and PasswordToAccessThisNetwork whith something of your own.
  5. Type: netsh wlan start hostednetwork
    If this fails, your wireless adapter may be turned off.  If you have a WiFi button on your keyboard, give it a press.
  6. Click: Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Centre
    -> Change Adapter Settings
  7. Right-click your internet connection.
  8. Select: Properties.
  9. Select Tab: Sharing.
  10. Check: "Allow other network users to connect..."
  11. Choose your virtual wifi adapter. Probably named something like "Wireless Network 2"
  12. You're done.

Now any near by wireless device will see your "NameToBeDisplayed" network in the available WiFi's.