Learn Test Driven Development in Flask - Part 1

Firstly, a caveat  for this article:  Writing this is part of my own process in learning how to TDD a flask app, I haven't done more than just play with the framework until this point and am in no way an expert.  The lack of decent information out there on how to do this is stagering, so hopefully my documenting this learning process will help others starting out.

Git: Setting up a remote repository

In case you missed the news, UbuntuOne is shutting down.  This has caused me a headache, as I've relied on it for syncing copies of my code & local git repos -- Yes, that was a horrible way of doing things, but it was quick and easy. -- as well as some other files I didn't want to loose.   My solution to the current dilema has been two fold:


DropBox on Arch Linux: "Connecting..." forever

I'm about a week into using Arch Linux and loving it, but every now and then I run into a random problem.  Last nights was getting Dropbox to connect.  

According to the ArchWiki, on the first run of dropbox after installing it from the AUR it should provide a pop up to get your configuration choices, and sign into your account.  For me however, it simply loaded the icon and hang at "Connecting..."

The ArchWiki even has a section about this problem, which is completely wrong and wont fix the issue.  Deep in the comments section in the AUR was a working solution.