Playing with Beautiful Soup

I've been wanting to play with BeautifulSoup for quite a while now but haven't really had a reason to parse any web pages. But while taking a look at my highly unscientific and probably heavily biased( most of my traffic seems to be coming from language specific sub-reddits ) "What's your favorite Scripting Language" Poll, I thought "Wouldn't it be cool to try to pull this data and plot it in python?"  A perfect excuse to play with BeautifulSoup and pandas.  

Python 3: Send Authenticated Email

Write enough shell scripts and eventually you will have to write one that sends a email report, in fact now a day's I find that most shell scripts I write (the scheduled ones anyway) require some kind of notification after they have run. Likewise, if you set up enough mail servers -- usually one is enough -- you will need a quick easy way to test SMTP.

Below is a python 3 script with smtplib and argparse, which sends a test email using smtp authentication.  It's short, to the point, and I hope pretty self explanatory for anyone needing to send authenticated email via python.

How-To: Create a Swap file on Ubuntu 12.04

I've been using DigitalOcean for a few weeks now and have been very happy so far.  In fact I've only run into one issue, with MySQL crashing.  At first it looked like an issue with the specific  blogging platform I'm using, but the mysql log file quickly cleared that up.
InnoDB: Fatal error: cannot allocate memory for the buffer pool

How-To: Bond Multiple DSL connections with MLPPP and a MikroTik RouterBoard

Multi Link Point to Point Protocol is a nifty protocol which allows for the bonding of multiple lines.  With a MLPPP enabled DSL account, two or more lines, DSL modems in bridged mode and a bonding router such as a Mikrotik routerboard, you can effectively quadruple the speed (minus a little overhead) of a DSL connection.
Here's how! connect to the Mikrotik via the Winbox application and follow along.
PPP -> "Interface" Tab:
        - Hit the red plus sign
        - pick "PPPoE Client"

New Comments

As I mentioned in my post "Reboot" I've had several websites and blogs over the years, and with that has come almost every flavor of comment module you can think of.  From the platform "stock" comment modules, such as Blogger, Wordpress, and Drupal, and social media plugins like Facebook and Google+.


Learn Python by Building an IRC Logging Bot!

When I first sat down to learn Python, I was instantly disappointed with all the the available resources, and the fact that almost none of the tutorials I found seemed to work.  In fact I got so frustrated with the language that I shelved the language and went to Ruby for several months.  It wasn't until I paid a visit to the Windsor Hackforge and met 3 Python fanatics that I decided to take another look.