Windows 7 as a Wireless HotSpot

Ever wanted to share a wired network connection -- LAN or perhaps a DSL connection -- with your phone or tablet, but don't have a wireless router to stick in between? 

It turns out that this is actually really easy to do under Windows 7.  Most newer PCs/Laptops with built in WiFi addapters will have a compatable chipset, and I say newer with quite a bit of give.  It works fine on my 3 year old hp laptop.  You don't even need to install any third party software!

How-To: Bond Multiple DSL connections with MLPPP and a MikroTik RouterBoard

Multi Link Point to Point Protocol is a nifty protocol which allows for the bonding of multiple lines.  With a MLPPP enabled DSL account, two or more lines, DSL modems in bridged mode and a bonding router such as a Mikrotik routerboard, you can effectively quadruple the speed (minus a little overhead) of a DSL connection.
Here's how! connect to the Mikrotik via the Winbox application and follow along.
PPP -> "Interface" Tab:
        - Hit the red plus sign
        - pick "PPPoE Client"

Configure CISCO device for SSH

Post ported from old site
   So it has been a few weeks since I posted anything, but thats what happens when you have a brand new baby to look after and a busy job on top of it.  Things may be a bit slow for the next few months on the blog front.  I've aslo decided that its time to get a new certification or two so I have started to study for my CCENT/CCNA and expect it to dominate my blogging for the next little while, so the first in the CISCO series of blogs, How to Configure a SISCO device for SSH access.